Tracey and Ed Blackburn where married in September of 1999 in a beautiful ceremony in Rosemont IL.

Tracey was born and raised in the Chicago land area.  Here she attended Northern Illinois University in Dekalb Il.  After getting her degree she landed a job in Chicago.  Eventually moving on and taking a position as the Director of Marketing for SpeedChoice, a subsidiary of People’s Choice TV.  During this time is when she met Ed while on a visit to Detroit MI to view a new product that the company was soon to launch.

Ed was born in the state of CA.  When he was just a young teenager, he moved to IL and by the time he was 17 years of age had joined the United States Air Force.  Here, he served tours in Great Falls Montana, Incirlik ABS, located in Adana Turkey and Norton AFB in San Bernardino CA.  After getting out of the Military, Ed landed a job in Construction, though the enonomy was not in good standing he eventually ended up on Wireless Communications.  After about 8 years in the business and traveling throughout the United States, Ed landed a job with Sat Tel Communications who was a contractor for People’s Choice TV.  A couple years later, he was relocated to Detroit MI to participate and launch a new wireless product offering the first of its kind High Speed internet Access.  This is where he met Tracey and eventually relocated to the Chicago area and Married.

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