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NRA Certified Instructor:Basic Pistol Shooting

Recently, I attended a class to become a Certified Instructor for the NRA.  This is why.  It all started the middle of last year.  I have always had a passion for shooting sports but until last year, never really pursued that passion.  There always seemed to be an excuse.  Mainly, I would have to say would be that of maturity and availability.  First off, I am a kid at heart and guns have always been way too much fun for me.  Second, the availibility of places to shoot, cost of ammo, family pressure and the stigmatism of shooting sports were all factors.  A few year back, I finally broke down and purchased a pistol.  A Sig Sauer P226 Blackwater limited edition 9mm.  Love this thing, its really a strait shooter.  Well, last year my neighbor got me interested in rifles.  I have always loved hunting but never had an opportunity.  Well, the PNW is full of outdoor sports related activities with unlimited options.  So, I took on this challenge with enthusiasm.  I purchased a Tikka3 .300 WSM rifle for hunting.  Next thing I know, my neighbor and I are going to the range weekly fine tuning our rifles.  Then we started relaoding our own ammo.  Much cheaper way to go, let me tell you.  Then I found out how critical and precise rifle loads can be.  This increased my overall shooting accuracy tremendously.  So much so, that I would not hesitate to take a shot out to 400 yards and feel pretty confident it would be a one shot kill.  Well, recently my Daughter became interested in hunting.  She has never shot a rifle before.  So, I have been wanting a smaller caliber rifle that can be used for smaller game and target practice.  To make a long story shorter, I found a great deal on a Weatherby .243 winchester.  Bought it and started reloading ammo for it.  Well, this got my family even more interested.  My Neice, who is in the Army and stationed locally asked me to teach her how to shoot a 9mm pistol.  She has never shot one and would soon have to qualify with one in the Army.  So, I made arrangements to take her to the range.  This got her Husband interested.  He too has never shot a rifle and was joining the USAF.  So, he asked me to teach him how to shoot. ( A little side note, I taught my Neice how to shoot years ago for the ROTC.  When she joined the Army she scored so well that she is was awared the EXPERT ribbon!) So, off to the range.  Next thing you know it, my daughter and her friend wants to learn how to shoot.  My son also took a big interest.  This got me thinking…. should I look into getting some sort of certification if I am going to do all this training?  I have a strong military background and scored expert with every weapon but was this enough to teach others how to shoot?  My wife, Tracey suggested that I look into this as a possible source of income.  She sees how passionate I am about it and how well my students become shooters.  So, that is what I did.  I found out that the NRA offers Certification and Training programs.  I enrolled and this past weekend completed my first course.  I am now certified to teach Basic Pistol Instruction.  Additional note, I recently attended another class given by the NRA, Pistol Self Defense of the Home as well as filed and recieved my concealed carry permit from the state of Washington.  So watch out arseholes, there is one more hidden protector of the rights of the people of the United States.

Outdoor Sports:Archery

This past week, I have had some time off which has afforded me the time to play with my new Diamond Bow Tech Sniper compound bow.  This might not be much for most of you but I found out some interesting information.  First, did you know that 49% of all hunters are Archers?  That surprised me.  As well, this number is growing every year.  Another fact, most Archers are between the ages of 35-55 y/o.  Thats me again.  I also found out that there is a legal distance limit for hunting of 40 yards.

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